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The Association is a small committee of volunteers who organise and promote junior chess in the county. It runs tournaments and coaching days for players of all abilities from those who are new to competitive chess right through to those who play at County level. Players from the age of 7 through to those in their teens take part in the events and come from the many schools and the junior clubs that exist in the county. The Association selects and runs Devon County teams at U18, U14, U11 and U9 levels.

There are also events for over 11s run on behalf of the Devon County Chess Association which includes the County Under-14 team.

We depend on volunteers to make our events run smoothly -- can you help us out one day?

Devon Juniors play for SW England against Wales

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Pengxiao Zhu and Viacheslav Ovcharenko both played for the SW England U14 Team against Wales on Sunday 26th May.

The SWE Team won the U14 by a wide margin but the U11 event was very close.

Well done to all taking part and many thanks to the organisers for making everything happen.

5th Simon Bartlett Memorial Congress 2024

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Congratulations to Suhayl Abdalla who won the Minor section with 5/5!

Devon Juniors Daniel Smith, Vincent Dong and Pengxiao Zhu also took part, scoring at least half-marks in their respective sections.


Dr.Dave's 10 steps for choosing a move

  1. What is your opponent up to?  What are all the things your opponent's move does?
  2. Even if you think you know: look at all the checks and captures (now and next moves for your opponent)
  3. Most important: Look around the whole board
  4. Can you spot any tactical patterns -- or are there loose pieces/Kings -- can they make something happen?
  5. What can you do to them?  Same routine: checks and captures, whole board, tactical patterns
  6. Improving your position -- which is your laziest piece?

Reuben Fine’s 30 Rules of Chess


1. Open with a centre pawn.
2. Develop with threats.
3. Play knights before bishops.
4. Castle as soon as possible.
5. Avoid developing the queen too early.
6. Do not move the same piece twice without a good reason.
7. Use your minor pieces to fight for the centre.
8. Maintain at least one pawn in the centre.
9. Make as few pawn moves as possible.
10. Avoid sacrificing without a clear and adequate reason.


County colours for Devon juniors

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In last Sunday's Devon County chess match for all ages, Devon juniors were selected: Caleb Caleshu, Jack Wills and Harvey Cooper.  Congratulations to all.

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